Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Little Pony Conspiracy Theory

The show is based on a young girl, Pinkamena Diane Pie (known as the main character Pinkie Pie). Pinkamena killed her family and friends becuause her dolls told her too, she was sent to a mental institution. Pinkamena imagined the pony land, if you have watched the show you will notice Pinkie Pie is always in charge but all of the other ponies help her. Each pony is different, and they each depict a different mental disorder that Pinkamena had.

Adventure Time Conspiracy Theory

(Keep in mind that these are OUR theories)
Finn lived with his parents and dog Jake, they had a perfect life. Finn had a great relationship with his dad, he and his dad took trips together and his dad taught him survival skills on their adventures. One night his mom went crazy and killed his dad, Finn who was trying to help his dad killed his mom in the process ,and was blamed for the deaths of both of his parents. This got Finn sent to a mental institution. The evil ice king, who is Finn's enemy in the show is the social worker or the man who took him to the mental hospital. Marceline is a patient too, she and Finn share stories and become friends, Princess Bubblegum (who says she is too old for Finn) is a nurse who Finn has a crush on. Jake of course could not go with Finn to the mental hospital,was like Finns best friend and that's why Jake is always with Finn in his adventures. Finn imagines all these adventures being with Jake and trying to save people because he couldn't save his dad, and everything he does is imagined and based off of things and people in the institution.


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~Rachael and Haley